25 August 2007

Site map generator

Generate sitemaps for your website, be that HTML, Google XML or ASP.Net sitemaps. Rich template support for generating sitemaps and near-endless scanning options. The scanning engine stores vast amounts of data so that you can, among other things, view full report on broken and redirected links (wherefrom and whereto). This data is e.g. used when generating Google XML sitmaps (e.g. when defining priority).Sitemaps help search engines discover all pages. With sitemaps you can help search engines such as Google and Yahoo to:* Index your entire website including blogs and forums.* Speed up finding and showing changed content.* Ease the bandwidth load on your webserver.* Decide pages shown in search engine result pages.Download

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Ajay said...


goto the site:
Enter URL in the box and
BROWSE!! and FAST too.They have got multiple Dedicated Servers Running
This website 100% not blocked

Also they have a secure server mode https://www.pagemod.com
Even Email and group Subscription to get updates on new domains
so to be sure you can access.. even if their primary domain gets blocked
No restrictions!!

If any thing goes wrong and you cannot access the site.send email to report@pagemod.com to settle the issue.
Everything is done to bypass most filters and firewalls..like deleting words like myspace,orkut,proxy etc
from the content of the page.